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security management consulting

Business Meeting

The threat environment is constantly evolving, is your organization keeping up?


Complacency within security organizations is a fact of life. Overconfidence and the misbelief that security incidents only happen to other organizations can lead to security gaps. Many organizations wait until after a major security incident to invest in security. This can have a negative impact on your company's reputation and employee retention. Periodic reviews by an independent security consultant provide you an unbiased look at your current secuirty organization's design and practices. These reviews help you stay ahead of the threat. 

Small companies are still a target for theft, vandalism, and workplace violence. Many small companies cannot afford to hire full time security personnel. This is where an independent security consultant can help. Contact us today to find out how we can provide those services for you. 


  • Capabilities Assessments

  • Organization Structure Design

  • Missions, Roles, and Responsibilities development

  • Policies, Plans, and Procedures

  • Process/Flow Charts

  • Insider Threat Program 

  • Active Shooter Awareness & Response Program

  • Workplace Violence Program

  • Security Awareness Program

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